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CITC Admission Criteria

  • Must interview with CITC administrator in person

  • Must be 18 years of age or older

  • Applicants generally have High School diploma or GED

  • Must have valid drivers license or other form of ID

  • Must have Social Security card

  • If male, must be registered with Selective Service

  • Must have ability to get to job site

VOICES Criteria

  • Must interview in person with the Rotary selection committee members.

  • Two letters of recommendation from school officials and/or job supervisors.

  • Household annual income in comparison to the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Colorado is used as a guideline, but does not necessarily disqualify a candidate.  

    • Note that dependents and child support will factor into this comparison.

    • Applicants may demonstrate hardship that will be discussed in the interview.

  • Colorado Location Specific Calculator​

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